High End Pieces Retaining Their Value

Talk to many antique dealers and they will tell you the ecomomic downturn has been hard on the investments made on fairly common antiques. For instance, we are surprised at the prices nice quality antique furniture is being sold for at auctions these days. It seems like while the bottom has dropped out of that market for now… it would be a great time to buy. The quality of craftsmanship and the dense old growth wood is amazing.

While we are groaning over some of the items we apparently have too much in to sell at this time, our high end lighting nitch continues to do well. Not that you could take them down to Joe’s Auction Barn today and make a killing or even get your investment back… being patient and waiting for the need to arise, like someone restoring a historically significant building from the late 1800’s early 1900’s… frankly nothing else than the real deal will do. High end Bradley and Hubbard antique chandeliers have been a good investment for us and our customers have overwhelmingly been satisfied at the value. Take a new $35,000 pickup, drive it 5 years and put a hundred thousand miles on it and what do you have left? Compare that to placing the same amount in lighting in a historically significant property.  In this life there are no guarantees, and I can’t tell you that you can resell these fixtures 5 years from now for what you paid for them. But I can tell you that our customers tell us over and over again how much they enjoy their fixtures. And after 45 years never once have we had a customer who regretted their purchase nor have we had any one who really wants to part with them once they aquire them.

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