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You meet the nicest people

Lately I’ve been thinking about the people we have met in our 40 plus years of business. Yes the lighting has been the connecting point but the added joy has been the people we have become aquainted with. Always stories … Continue reading


High End Pieces Retaining Their Value

Talk to many antique dealers and they will tell you the ecomomic downturn has been hard on the investments made on fairly common antiques. For instance, we are surprised at the prices nice quality antique furniture is being sold for at auctions these days. It seems … Continue reading

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#592 with deep acid etched shades in black and white


Bradley and Hubbard #592 12 Twelve Arm Chandelier

Originally kerosene from 1870’s this scarce fixture is now ready for glass (finding old glass is usually a time-consuming and expensive hunt). It has been refinished and electrified, wire is colored to match fixture, we usually use 25 watt bulbs. Perfect for great rooms, motel lobbies, banks etc. We have hung several … Continue reading


#622 Bradley and Hubbard

Somehow a number doesn’t do it justice.  This outstanding Bradley and Hubbard 2 arm fixture restored just this week and will leave our shop soon to be hung in a restaurant.

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open arms

Sometimes we get complete lights but most often we get lights with a little something missing or broken. And search begins for the right part.  Above are arms waiting to be held by the elusive “correct” center stem. Restoring cast iron chandeliers can … Continue reading

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number 568

The Bradley and Hubbard 568. Manufactured 1883-1884.

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